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    Northeast Lakeview College
  Mar 28, 2023
Northeast Lakeview College Schedule/Catalog 2022-2023 
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Northeast Lakeview College Schedule/Catalog 2022-2023

Administration, Faculty and Staff

Alamo Colleges District Board of Trustees



District 1 Joe Alderete, Jr.
District 2 Gloria Ray, Assistant Secretary
District 3 Anna Uriegas Bustamante
District 4 Dr. Lorena "Lorraine" Pulido, Secretary
District 5 Roberto Zarate, Chair
District 6 Dr. Gene Sprague
District 7 Dr. Yvonne Katz
District 8 Clint Kingsbery, Vice Chair
District 9 Leslie Sachanowicz
Student Trustee Cara Sullivan


The College District administers five colleges-Northeast Lakeview College, Northwest Vista College, Palo Alto College, St. Philip's College, and San Antonio College.

Alamo Colleges District Administrative Staff



Chancellor Dr. Mike Flores
Vice Chancellor for Academic Success Dr. George Railey, Jr.
Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration Dr. Diane E. Snyder
Vice Chancellor for Planning, Performance, Accreditation & Information Systems Dr. Thomas Cleary
Vice Chancellor of Student Success Dr. Adelina Silva
Interim Vice Chancellor of Economic & Workforce Development Xavier Urrutia
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Partnerships & Initiatives Ruth Dalrymple
Associate Vice Chancellor for Communications and Engagement Kristi Wyatt
Associate Vice Chancellor of HR & Organizational Development Linda Boyer-Owens, M.B.A.
Associate Vice Chancellor of Economic & Workforce Development Operations Sammi Morrill
Associate Vice Chancellor of Finance & Fiscal Services Lisa Mazure, CPA, MSA
Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities Operations and Construction Management Gregory McClure
Associate Vice Chancellor, G.O. Bond Construction Improvement Program (Interim) Lacy Hampton
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student & Program Development Dr. Cynthia Mendiola-Perez
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Access and Success Initiatives Patricia Parma
Associate Vice Chancellor of Workforce Training Network Tim Rockey
Chief of Police Derek Fuller
General Counsel Ross Laughead


Northeast Lakeview College Administration

    President Dr. Veronica Garcia
      Ph.D., Oregon State University  
      M.Ed. Northern Arizona University  
      B.S., University of Arizona  
    Vice President for Academic Success   Dr. Laura Boyer
      Ed.D., Lamar University  
      M.Ed.,  Texas A&M University - Kingsville  
      B.A., University of the South  
    Vice President of College Services   Mr. Warren Hurd
      M.B.A., Wayland Baptist University  
      B.B.A., Wayland Bpatist University  
    Vice President for Student Success   Dr. Tangila Dove
      Ph.D., Capella University  
      M.B.A., Webster University  
      B.B. A., Jackson State University  

Academic Success:Creative and Communication Arts; Business Entrepreneurship; and Public Service

  Dr. Tammy Perez
      Ed.D., Walden University  
      M.A.,  University of Texas at Austin  
      M.A., University of New Mexico  
      B.A., Purdue University  
    Dean for Academic Success:  Distance Education, Dual Credit, Library Services, Instructional Innovation Centers, and Academic Support Centers   Dr. Jennifer Rigsby
      Ph.D., The University of Phoenix  
      M.A., The University of Phoenix  
      B.S., AdventHealth University  
      A.S., Copiah-Lincoln Community College  
    Dean for Academic Success:  Science and Technology; Health and Bioscience; Manufacturing and Logistics   William Fanning
      M.T.D., Idaho State University  
      B.S., Idaho University  
      A.A.S., Idaho University  
    Dean of Student Success   Julie Kirkland-Poirier
      M.Ed., University of North Texas  
      B.A., University of North Texas  


Division Chairpersons



Business, Philosopphy and Workforce    Sharon Nittinger
  M.D., Loyola University
English & Education Jason Malcolm
  M.A., St. Mary’s University
Fine & Performing Arts Katherine M Mayer
  M.M., The University of Texas at San Antonio
Mathematics & Computer Science Allen Miller
  M.S., Texas Tech University
Natural Sciences & Kinesiology Thomas Neil McCrary
  M.S., Southern Illinois University
Social Sciences Dr. Jeffry Hassmann
  Ph.D., George Washington University





Acosta, Deanna Adjunct, Biology
Acosta, Rebecca Adjunct, Education
Adams, Cheyenne Instructor, English
  M.A., Texas Tech University
Adams, Wesley  Professor, Kinesiology
  Ph.D., University of North Texas
Adrian, Marsha Instructor, Chemistry
  M.S., Baylor University
Alvein, Casey Adjunct, Mathematics
  M.S., University of Texas at San Antonio
Alviso, Aaron Adjunct, Mathematics
Andrade, Reymundo Adjunct, Speech
Angelica, Sally Adjunct, English
Aquiles, Teresa Adjunct, Mathematics
  M.A., University of the Incarnate Word
Babaie, Quintin Instructor, Philosophy
  M.A., University of Texas at San Antonio
Barker, Gary Adjunct, Biology
Bascon Jr., Fabius Assistant Professor, Information Technology
  M.B.A., University of Dallas
Baumann, Larry Adjunct, Mathematics
  M.Ed., Texas State University
Bautista, Jon Adjunct, Sociology
Beard, Francis John Adjunct, Music
  M.M., University of Maine
Beasley, Stacey Adjunct, Sociology
  M.A., California State University, Fullerton
Bergan, Nicholas Adjunct, Economics
  M.S., Florida State University
Bernard, Carol Professor, English
  Ph.D., The University of Houston
Berry, Reda Adjunct, Mathematics
  M.A., Webster University
Bishop, James Adjunct, English
Bradfield, Kenneth Adjunct, Mathematics
Brotherman, Susan Adjunct, Education
Browder, David Adjunct, Education
Bullock, Daniel Adjunct, Physics
Cain, Erica Assoicate Professor, Biology
  Ph.D., Kansas State University
Camero, Monica Adjunct, Art
  M.F.A., California College of the Arts
Cano, Gabriel Adjunct, Mathematics
Carmody, Lacie Adjunct, English
Carmona, Daisy Assistant Professor, Education
  M.Ed., Liberty University
Carrasco, Brianda Adjunct, English, Education
Carrasco, Laquasia Adjunct, Pyschology
Carreon, Catherine Adjunct, Education
Castillo, Alexandria Adjunct, History
  Ph.D., University of Houston
Caverte, Angelo Adjunct, INRW
  M.A., University of Texas at San Antonio
Celaya, Amanda Instructor, Mathematics
  M.A., Southern New Hampshire University
Chandler, Deborah Adjunct, Education
Chapman, Michael Instructor, English
  M.A., The University of Texas at San Antonio
Chavez-Harrington, Mary Adjunct, Psychology
Chen, Jianyue  Professor, History
  Ph.D., University of Toledo
Chmielewski, Ana Patricia Adjunct, Spanish
Cockrum, Frederick Adjunct, Mathematics
Collins, Keith Associate Profressor,  Business, Philosophy and Workforce
  Ph.D., Grantham University
Comer, Charles Adjunct, Mathematics
Coppola, Joseph Adjunct, Speech
Coss, Alberto Adjunct, History
Cotellesse, Susan Adjunct, Speech
  M.A., Hawaii Pacific University
Craver, Bennie Adjunct, Philosophy
D’Amico, Scott Adjunct, Political Science
  M.A., University of Central Oklahoma
Davenport, Laura E. Instructor, English
  Ph.D., University of Denver
Daugherty, Tara Adjunct, Education
  M.Ed., Concordia University
Davis, Rossie Associate Professor, Art
  M.A., Stephen F. Austin State University
Davis, Sydney Adjunct, History
DeLaTorre, Joni Adjunct, Education
Denson, Dustin Adjunct, Philosophy
Des Roches, Jolene Adjunct, Psychology
Devno, James Adjunct, Mathematics
Diaz, Cristella Professor, Mathematics
  Ph.D., Texas State University
Donahue, Patricia Adjunct, English
  M.A., Texas State University 
Donnelly, Michele Adjunct, Mathematics
Eldridge, Jack Adjunct, Mathematics
  M.A., Lamar University
Elguezabal, Gerardo Adjunct, Chemistry
  Ph.D., Baylor University
Elizondo, Alexandra Adjunct, Biological Sciences
Erwin, Lisa Professor, Biology
  M.S., The University of Texas at San Antonio
Esparza, Henry Adjunct, Political Science
  M.A., University of Texas at San Antonio
Etchison, Sara Assoicate Professor, Psychology
  Ph.D., McGill University
Fagbola, Olamide Professor, Geology
  Ph.D., University of Texas at El Paso
Fazio, Zachary J. Instructor, Social Media & Digital Marketing
  M.A., Unicersity of Texas at San Antonio
Feesl, Michael Adjunct, Accounting
Fletcher, Terace Associate Professor, Chemistry
  Ph.D., University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
Flink, Charles Adjunct, Mathematics
Flores, Georgia Adjunct, Education
Floyd, Tracy Adjunct, Student Development
  M.S., University of Houston, Clear Lake
Floyd, Brent Adjunct, Government
Francia, Belinda Adjunct, Mathematics
Frey, Karl Assistant Professor, Art
  M.F.A., Tufts University
Frink, Rachael Adjunct, History
Fritschle, Lisa Assoicate Professor, Drama
  M.F.A., University of New Orleans
Garza, Abel Adjunct, History
Garza, Jose Vicente Adjunct, Business Computer Information Systems
Genovese, Mark Adjunct, Political Science
  M.A., St. Mary’s University
Gillespie, Brandon Assistant Professor, Philosophy
  M.A., Texas State University
Gonzales, Richard Adjunct, History
Goswami, Geeta Adjunct, ITSC
Graybill, Jasmyne Assistant Professor, Fine Arts
  M.F.A., University of Texas at San Antonio
Grear, Charles Adjunct, History
  Ph.D., Texas Christian University
Grimsley, Megan Assistant Professor, Kinesiology
  Ph.D., Arizona State University
Gross, Stephen Adjunct, Mathematics
Guerra, Richard Adjunct, Biology
Guevara, Efrain Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  M.A., California State University
Ha, Jin Associate Professor, Mathematics
  M.Ed., Texas State University
Haddad, Tricia Adjunct, Education
Hager, Angela Associate Professor, English
  M.A., The University of Texas at San Antonio
Hamelwright, Michelle Adjunct, Psychology
Hammel, Sabrina Associate Professor, Political Science
  M.A., St. Mary’s University
Harper, Paul Adjunct, Music
  M.M., University of Texas at San Antonio
Hassmann, Jeff Professor, History
  Ph.D., George Washington University
Helinski, Matthew P Associate Professor, Business Computer Information Systems & Accounting
  M.B.A., Virginia Commonwealth University
Hernandez, Valerie Adjunct, Biology
  M.S., Biology, University of Texas at San Antonio
Hernandez-Swift, Karla Adjunct, Humanities
Hnatiuk, George Adjunct, Government
Holliday, JoAnn Adjunct, Mathematics
Hollin, Lindsey Adjunct, Social Science
  J.D., St. Mary’s University
Holmquist, Jennifer Assistant Professor, Political Science
  M.P.A., Texas State University
Ibaroudene, Cherif Adjunct, Mathematics
  B.A., University of Texas at San Antonio
Ibaroudene, Zakia Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  M.A., The University of Texas at San Antonio
Insco, Amanda Adjunct, English
Jamison, David Adjunct, English
Jamison, John Adjunct, Government
Johnson, Gregory Adjunct, Economics
  M.A., St. Mary’s University
Johnson, Jasmine Adjunct, Sociology
  M.A., Texas State University
Kalinowski, Janet Adjunct, Biological Sciences
Kiefer, Anna Adjunct, Music
  M.M., University of Texas at San Antonio
Keifer, Ruthanne Adjunct, Business Computer Information Systems
  M.A., Webster University
Kelley, Ron Adjunct, English
  Ph.D., Texas A&M University
King, Kathryn Adjunct, Biology
  M.A., Tarleton State University
Kosub-Coronado, Karla Associate Professor, Biology
  Ph.D., Capella University
Kuder-Moczygemba, Joy Instructor, Accounting
  M.S.A., University of the Incarnate Word
Kulhanek, Joseph Adjunct, Government
Kyroyac, Deborah Adjunct, Biology
  M.A., Texas Tech University
Lack, Anthony Assistant Professor, Humanities
  Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
Lambert, Lanny Adjunct, Political Science
  M.P.A., Texas Tech University
Laven, Bianca Adjunct, COSC
Lawrence, Kristina Adjunct, Education
Leggett, Judah Assistant Professor, History
  M.A. University of Texas at San Antonio
Lewis, Felicia Adjunct, Criminal Justice
Lockhart, Vincent Instructor, Kinesiology
  M.A., Azusa Pacific University
Lovelace, Suheily Adjunct, Psychology
Lunsford, Erin Adjunct, Mathematics
Maese, Andrew Adjunct, History
  M.A., University of Texas at San Antonio
Main, Amy Adjunct, Mathematics
  M.S., Texas A&M University
Makroz, Rachid Assoicate Professor, Mathematics
  M.S., University of Texas at San Antonio
Malcolm, Jason Assistant Professor, English and Reading
  M.A., St. Mary University
Maldonado, Jose Professor, Mathematics
  Ph.D., The University of North Texas
Maldonado, Michele Assistant Professor, Education
  Ph.D., University of North Texas
Marks, Jennifer Professor, Speech
  M.A., Oklahoma State University
Martinez, Marc Adjunct, Criminal Justice
Martinez, Frank Adjunct, History
Matthews, Barrett Adjunct, Chemistry
  M.S., Texas State University
Matthews, John Adjunct, Mathematics
Mayer, Katherine Assistant Professor, Music
  M.M., The University of Texas at San Antonio
Mayo, Barbara Adjunct, Speech
McClain, Hannah Adjunct, History
McCrary, Thomas Neil Assistant Professor, Biology
  M.S., Southern Illinois University
McDowell, Michael Professor, Philosophy
  Ph.D., Southwestern Theological Seminary
McKinney, Logan Adjunct, English
Mealey, Gina Associate Professor, Chemistry
  M.S., Texas A&M University
Menchaca, Denise Professor, Speech
  Ph.D., Southern Illinois University
Mercedez, Carmen Adjunct, Mathematics
Merriam-Gourley, Noel Adjunct, Art
  M.F.A., University of Texas at San Antonio
Meurin, Catherine Adjunct, Biology
  M.S., University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Miller, Allen Instructor, Mathematics
  M.S., Texas Tech University
Miller, James Assistant Professor, Art
  M.F.A., The University of Texas at San Antonio
Mitchell, Kevin Adjunct, History
Moczygemba, Joy Assistant Professor, Accounting
  M.S.A., University of the Incarnate Word
Moravits, William Adjunct, Political Science
Morgan, Molly Adjunct, Anthropology
Moseley, Larry Assistant Professor, History
  M.S., Abilene Christian University
Munoz, Aaron M. Adjunct, Art
  M.F.A., University of Texas at San Antonio
Murata, Torey Adjunct, Education
Myers, Elsa Adjunct, Accounting
Nittinger,  Sharon Instructor, Psychology
  M.D., Loyola University
Omar, Mohsen Assistant Professor, Political Science
  M.A., Texas A&M International University
Orsburn, Valencia Adjunct, Mathematics
  M.A., The University of Texas at San Antonio
Ortiz, Kimberlee Adjunct, History
  M.A., Texas State University
Ortiz, Teresa Adjunct, Education
Overstreet, James Adjunct, English
  M.A., Pan American University
Pagano, Victoria Adjunct, Anthropology
Parrott, Cherrys Adjunct, History
  M.A., University of Texas at San Antonio
Parrott, Jennifer Instructor, Biology
  Ph.D., University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
Paul, Scott Adjunct, Government
Paulino, Elizabeth Adjunct, Education
Pena, Joshua Adjunct, Biological Sciences
Penley, Stephen Adjunct, Accounting
  M.A., University of Michigan
Pennington, Angela Adjunct, Education
  M.A., Chapman College
Peppas, Anastasios Adjunct, Mathematics
Perez, Delissa Instructor, Speech
  M.A., Texas State University
Perry, Laura Professor, Biology
  M.S., The University of Texas at San Antonio
Ports, Anetia Professor, English
  M.A., Valdosta State University
Powell, Carolyn Adjunct, Psychology
Putman, John Adjunct, Philosophy
  M.A., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Radoman-Shaw, Brandon Adjunct, Geology
Ramirez, Lynsey Adjunct, Biological Sciences
Raymond, Thomas Adjunct, History
  M.A., University of Texas at San Antonio
Rayo-Garza, Coda Adjunct, Government
Redding, Clay Adjunct, Speech
Reich, Charles Adjunct, Mathematics
Reyes-Johnson, Carmen Assistant Professor, History
  M.A. University of Texas at San Antonio
Reyna, Joshua Adjunct, Sociology
  M.S., University of Texas at San Antonio
Riedel, Derek Adjunct, Speech
  Ph.D., University of the Incarnate Word
Riske, Jennifer Instructor, English
  M.A., University of Texas at San Antonio
Robles, Denise Adjunct, Political Science
Rogers, Victoria Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  M.A., University of Texas at San Antonio
Rollin, Michael Adjunct, History
Rossi, Dania Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
  Ph.D., University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
Rubal, Bernard Adjunct, Biology
Rumanuk, Richard Adjunct, History
  M.A., The University of Texas at San Antonio
Sadler, Mark Professor, Philosophy
  Ph.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Salinas, Oscar Adjunct, English
Sandoval Sralla, Patricia Adjunct, Communication
Schafer, Lora Adjunct, Speech
Schloemer, Christopher Adjunct, History
Schmuker, Steven Adjunct, Political Science
Schneeman, Eric Adjunct, Music
Schwarz, Lista Adjunct, Mathematics
  M.S., University of Texas at San Antonio
Searcey, David Adjunct, Political Science
  M.P.A., University of Oklahoma
Sharp, Kenneth Adjunct, Economics
  Ph.D., Gerorgia Southern University
Shugart, Chad Adjunct, Political Science
  M.A., Sul Ross University
Shulter, Cheryl Adjunct, Psychology
Smith, Aaron Adjunct, Humanities
  M.A., University of Memphis
Snyder, Thomas Adjunct, Economics
  M.Ed., St. Mary’s University
Spencer, Mason Adjunct, Psychology
  M.A., Virginia Commonwealth
Spencer, Robert Adjunct, Psychology
Stallins, Denise Assistant Professor, English
  M.S., University of Texas at San Antonio
Stasko, Michael Adjunct, Mathematics
Stemple, Richard Adjunct, Economics
  Ph.D., Texas Tech University
Stewart, Suzanne Instructor, Geography
  M.A., Arizona State University
Stockton, Travis Adjunct, Philosophy
Tabet, Michael Adjunct, Government
Terry, Helen Adjunct, Humanities
  M.A., University of Houston
Thornsburg, Isaac Assistant Professor, Cyber Security
  M.B.A., Texas A&M University Corpus Chrisiti
Tinnon, Shelita Adjunct, Education
Tison, Richard Adjunct, History
  Ph.D., University of Oklahoma
Torres Lee, Dianna Instructor, Mathematics
  M.S., University of Iowa
Turnbull-Campbell, Yvonne Adjunct, Mathematics
Utterback, Kyle Adjunct, Accounting, Business & Management
Vandel Heuvel, Andrew Adjunct, Astronomy
VanWagenen, Gregory Adjunct, Philosophy
Vargas, Martha Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  M.A., The University of Texas at San Antonio
Vega, Kristen Adjunct, Psychology
Walker, Courtney Adjunct, Mathematics
Walroth, Ellen Adjunct, English
Werner, Sandra Adjunct, INRW
  M.A., Southwest Texas State University
Williams, John Adjunct, Communication
  M.S., University of Oklahoma
Yacoub, Zaher Adjucnt, Mathematics
Young, Valerie Associate Professor, Psychology
  M.A., Midwestern State University
Youssefinia, Mohammad Adjunct, Mathematics
Yowell, Robert Professor, Political Science
  Ph.D., University of Kansas
Zecca, Silvia Associate Professor, Spanish
  M.A., University of Texas Pan American
Zhang, Cuihua Professor, Computer Science
  Ph.D., University of Mississippi
Zuniga, Emiliano Adjunct, English
Zuniga, Carlos Adjunct, Criminal Justice


Northeast Lakeview College Staff



Academic Laboratory Technician Joanna Contreras, A.S.
Academic Laboratory Technician Caroline Lopez, B.A.
Academic Program Coordinator Kathy Bryson, M.A.
Academic Program Specialist Hali Browning
Academic Program Specialist George Cross, B.A.
Academic Program Specialist Cherif Ibaroudene, M.S.
Academic Program Specialist Stacy Puckett, M.A.
Academic Support Specialist Tara Daugherty, M.Ed.
Academic Unit Assistant Hollie Cardenas, A.S.
Academic Unit Assistant Frank Olivio, B.S.
Academic Unit Assistant Yvonne Ramirez, B.A.
Academic Unit Assistant Veronica Sauceda-Russell, B.S.
Accounts Receivable Assistant Alissia Miles
Administrative Assistant to the Vice President Alicia Beaudoin, A.A.S.
Administrative Assistant to the Vice President Waleska Iglesias, A.A.
Administrative Associate- Campus Police Larfaye Jamison
Administrative Services Specialist Laura Farias, B.A.
Administrative Services Specialist Teresa De La Cruz
Advising Team Leader Sheyla Gonzalez, M.A.
Advising Team Support Specialist Samantha Rosales, B.S.
Advisor-Student Success Belinda Carter-Newton, A.A.
Assistant Bursar Teresa Walton, B.B.A.
Associate Director-Student Financial Aid Elizabeth Alvarado, M.A.
Associate Director-Student Success Crystal Willis-Cortinas, B.S.
Career Navigator Team Lead Peggy Chavez
Career Navigator Thomas Villa
Certified Advisor Anthony Camacho, M.S.
Certified Advisor Caitlin Evans, M.I.S.
Certified Advisor Ofelia Garcia, B.A.
Certified Advisor Kisha Malone, M.A.
Certified Advisor Tanisha McGill, B.I.S.
Certified Advisor Carnetta Preyer, MPA
Certified Advisor Regina Romero, M.S.
Certified Advisor Estephani Rodriguez, B.B.A.
Certified Advisor Rebecca Teniente, M.S.
Certified Advisor Monica Tobon-Ramirez, B.A.
Certified Advisor Bethany Tolar, M.S.
Certified Advisor Astrid Toledo, B.A.
Certified Advisor Jessica Torres, M.A.
Certified Advisor Angela Vega, B.A.
Certified Advisor T’Asia Williams, M.B.A.
Certified Enrollment Coach Stephanie Estrada, A.A.T
Certified Enrollment Coach Renee Higgins, M.P.A.
Client Support Specialist Bulmaro Barajas, B.A.A.S.
Client Support Specialist Carlos Galindo, M.B.A.
Client Support Specialist Adam Sauceda, A.A.S.
Client Support Specialist Alynna Vega-Martinez, A.S.
College Coordinator of High School Programs Rebecca Alejos-Sharadin, M.Ed.
College Coordinator of High School Programs Vanessa DeMont, M.B.A.
College Coordinator of High School Programs Pamela Gauna, A.A.
College Director of High School Programs Philip Hicks, M.B.A.
College Event Coordinator Javier Leal, B.F.A.
Computer Labatory Assistant Jesus D. Enriquez, B.A.A.S.
Computer Labatory Assistant Corina Lopez, B.A.
Computer Support Technician Daniel Breeden, A.A.S.
Coordinator of College Technology Leslie Germer, B.S.
Coordinator of College Risk Management Dawn Thompson, B.F.A.
Data Analyst Franc Castro, B.A.
Department of Public Safety Officer, Campus Sergeant Sgt. Jason Santos
Department of Public Safety Officer (A Shift) Officer B. Williams
Department of Public Safety Officer (A Shift) Officer A. Benavides
Department of Public Safety Officer (B Shift) Officer M. Benson
Department of Public Safety Officer (B Shift) Officer D. Lofton
Department of Public Safety Officer (B Shift) Officer A. Trout
Department of Public Safety Officer (C Shift) Officer G. Thompson
Department of Public Safety Officer (C Shift) Officer J. Santos
Department of Public Safety Officer (C Shift) Officer F. Koch
Digital Communications Coordinator Thomas Raymond, M.A.
Director of Advising Georgia Flores, M.A.
Director of College Grant Development Margaret Simone Carnegie-Diaz, M.S.W.
Director of College Services Jessica Rossler, M.S.B.
Director of Enrollment David Wessler, Ed. D.
Director of Information Technology Betsey Flood
Director of Institutional Research Martin Fortner, M.P.A.
Director of Library Services Victoria Hart, M.S.LIS
Director of Marketing and Strategic Communications Kathleen Labus, M.A.
Director of Strategic Initiatives Rudy Farias, M.S.
Director of Student Advocacy Center Cristela Garcia, LMSW
Director of Student Success Tracy Floyd, M.A.T.
Enrollment Coach Team Leader Alejandrina Hernandez, M.Ed.
Enrollment Team Support Specialist Brandy Camacho, M.A.
Executive Aisstant to the President Sylvia Davis, M.A.
Facilities Coordinator Carol Cortinas
Faciities Project Coordinator Moises Echeverria
Facilities Superintendent Adam Stevenson
Financial Aid Specialist Barbara Arevalos
Financial Aid Specialist Cordelia Jackson
Grounds Foreman Daniel Torres Aragon
Help Desk Specialist Trevor Baker, A.A.S.
Help Desk Specialist Chuck Keyworth, A.A.S.
Housekeeping General Foreman Rene Talamantez
Human Resource Partner Lori Manning, PHR
HVAC Shop, Foreman William Scott Mixell
Intramural Specialist Allen Anguiano, B.A.
IT Security Specialist William Raziano, B.S.
Lead Financial Aid Advisor Magda Garza, B.A.
Lead Librarian Susan Chinoransky, M.S.
Librarian Angela Bilbe, M.S.
Librarian Angela Fondren, M.S.
Librarian Virginia Garcia
Library Assistant III Azucena Rodriguez-Guerra, B.S.
Library Assistant III Paula Hutton
Marketing & Strategic Communications Manager Elsa Cantu, B.B.A.
Personal Counselor-Student Success Faye Hallford, LCSW
Plumber, Journeyman David Duda
Scholarship Coordinator Tammy Toney, B.S.
Senior Advisor-Student Success Maria Flores-Chase, B.A.
Senior Coordinator-Student Success Uresella Castaneda
Senior Coordinator-Student Success Sara Leal, M.Ed.
Senior Coordinator-Student Success Rosalinda Almanza-Martinez, M.B.A.
Senior Specialist-Student Success Cameron Bowren, B.S.
Senior Specialist-Student Success Amber De La Garza, B.A.
Senior Specialist-Student Success Jennifer Herrera
Senior Specialist-Student Success Zachary Harding
Senior Specialist-Student Success Zach LaLoge, A.A.T.
Senior Specialist-Student Success Guadalupe Ochoa, A.A.
Senior Specialist-Student Success Jason Seighman, A.A.
Specialist-Student Success Lynette Bester