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    Northeast Lakeview College
  Jul 19, 2024
Northeast Lakeview College Schedule/Catalog 2020-2021 
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Northeast Lakeview College Schedule/Catalog 2020-2021 [Archived Catalog]

Student Support Services and Resources








Student Services helps students succeed and make the most of their college experience. Student Services offers a broad range of services and resources to support the student from their first semester at the College through graduation. The offices and centers assist students in achieving their academic goals and strive to enhance students' personal, intellectual and social development through a broad range of programs and services. Students have access to a comprehensive system of services that includes assessment of academic needs, orientation, transfer, and career fairs, academic and personal counseling, co-curricular activities, services for international students, services for students with disabilities, learning and library resources, computer labs, the College bookstore and distance learning

Advocacy Center (STCM 210)                                      

The Nighthawk’s Nest Advocacy Center, located in Student Commons (STCM 210), provides students with a variety of services and programs.

The mission of the Advocacy Center is to assist students who may need a little bit of help to persist in their goal of a degree or certificate completion.

Some of the services available include a food pantry, book voucher program, counseling, emergency aid, and referrals for public assistance.

For questions about donating food or time to the food pantry, please contact the Advocacy Center at (210) 486-5487 or via email

Services Offered

The following services are currently offered at the Nighthawk’s Nest Advocacy Center:

  • The Food Pantry

Counseling Services (Mental Health Counseling Services website)

  • Case Management Services through Referrals
  • Emergency Aid

Advising Center (STCM 101)                                                                     ^Top                                                                                                 

NLC subscribes to the concept of “advising as teaching,” and utilizes the Advising Syllabus as a tool to communicate expectations of both the student and advisor. The advisors teach students daily through lecture/group advising sessions, and individual consultation. In order for the advisor to provide support from Orientation to Graduation,mandatory advising is required of the First Time in College (FTIC) students during New Student Orientation and at 15 hour, 30 hour and 45 hour degree marks.  

Academic Advising services provide support for student success by helping students select courses and successfully complete their program requirements and/or degree, which is part of the NLC mission.  Academic advising services also provide referrals, as needed, to other offices on campus to help ensure student success.

For more information, schedule an appointment with your Certified Academic Advisor through NAVIGATE in ACES, or email Advising at

Assessment Center (STCM 227)                                                                                                               


The Assessment Center provides a range of services to meet the needs of students attending Northeast Lakeview College. The Center offers a quiet, conducive testing environment with flexible hours.

Testing Services

The following are provided at the Northeast Lakeview College Testing Center:

  • TSI (Texas Success Initiative)
  • Credit by exam (CLEP)
  • External Testing (Correspondence and computer based)

Texas Success Initiative

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a state-mandated program that promotes academic success by ensuring that all students are prepared for college-level coursework.

The TSI assessment measures reading, writing, and mathematics skills to determine students’ readiness to enroll and perform in entry-level academic coursework. Students are required to test and to be advised based on the results of their TSI assessment scores. All students must comply with the TSI rule by taking the TSI assessment or meet exemption requirements in order to enroll in courses.

The fee is $32.00 for the complete exam or $12.00 for each section.  Students must present a valid picture ID at the time of testing.  Results are available immediately following the exam.

TSI Retest Policy
Students are allowed to retest on the next available test date.  This includes retesting all parts, one, or multiple parts.

For all second or subsequent retests, we recommend the student retest after two weeks, during which time the student has focused on areas where they need improvement.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) offers students the opportunity to earn college credit in 33 subject areas through 90-minute computer-based tests that assess college-level knowledge. College credits are granted to students who meet qualifying scores. By successfully completing a CLEP exam, students can shorten the time needed to reach their career and educational goals and save money on tuition. The CLEP exam costs $89 (paid to The College Board) with an additional $20 administration fee required at the time of the testing.

The Course Exam Center (CEC) offers proctoring for:

  •  Make-up testing for Alamo Colleges District students who miss an exam date 
  • Testing for online Alamo Colleges courses that need a physical testing site 
  • Special accommodation testing for students who have proper documentation   

Before students can take an exam at the CEC, their instructor has to first arrange for test proctoring by submitting an Exam Form. The CEC only administers exams that are accompanied by a Exam Form containing proctoring guidelines from the instructor. After an instructor submits a Exam Form, a student may take the exam at the CEC by: 1) arriving with adequate time to complete the exam within the hours of operation, 2) bringing all necessary testing materials, and 3) presenting a valid photo ID.  During high use times like midterms and final examinations, it is important that students not wait until the last hour to try and test. The Center gets very busy and has limited testing kiosks. Please plan accordingly.

The CEC is located in the Student Commons Building, room 227 and can be contacted at 210-486-5177. Hours, student guidelines for testing, and more details are available here.


Business Office  (STCM 103)                                                                                                                       ^Top

The Business Office manages the system of charges, payments, collections, and refunds.

Cash transactions are processed in person at the Business Office while credit card and check transactions are processed online via the Virtual Business Office. The Virtual Business Office (VBO) is an online hub where you can pay for college related products, services, tuition and fees. No more waiting in line to pay your tuition or Installment Plan or to collect your student refund, the VBO has made these services accessible online.

Refunds are processed once weekly and in most cases are available within 7-10 business days of processing by Heartland ECSI. Students may select their refund delivery method online. Please contact the Business Office for refund delivery options.

VIA bus passes are available in the Business office for the Fall and Spring semesters only. Passes will be available the Friday before classes begin of each semester. The last day passes will be issued is the Friday before the end of Flex II for each semester.

The Business Office is located in:

Student Commons Building, 103 (STCM 103)

Phone: 210-486-5401 Option 2

Fax: 210-486-9167

Hours of Operation


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Thursday: 8:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.

Saturday: 1st Saturday of month, 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.


Monday-Thursday: 8:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.


Campus Bookstore (STCM 133)



Monday - Thursday - 7:45am to 5:00pm*             

Friday - 7:45am to 1:00pm*         

Saturday - TBD/Closed*                 Sunday - Closed

*Always check our website for the most current hours of operation as they are subject to change.

Phone: 210-486-5449                      Website:



*General Reading Books                *Reference Books and Study Aids
*School and office supplies            *Calculators/electronic accessories
*Backpacks and Totes                    *Special Order and Event Books
*NLC clothing and gifts                  *Snacks and Convenience Items


Skip the lines and avoid the wait! Place online orders for textbooks and course materials at We offer many options from in store pickup of your order to next day shipping.  When you are done with the books, you can return them to us in person for buyback and rental check-in. Or if you are out of town, mail the rental check-ins back to us.


We are proud to announce that students have the option of renting instead of purchasing the textbook for many of our classes. The prices for renting a textbook will depend on whether the textbook is new or used. Renting with us will save you 50% or more off the price of a new textbook. Not all textbooks may be available for rent based on consumable materials and package options.


NLC Bookstore carries more than just printed textbooks.  We offer a variety of digital title options that range from rental for a semester to purchase for your digital bookshelf. We sell access codes for digital class requirements from MyMathLab to SAM and everything in between.  If you want to know more about our digital textbooks sign up at and try out some of our free trial offers. For academically priced software and hardware simply click the links on the Northeast Lakeview site.


We know that you have the option to take classes at all of the Alamo Colleges District, not just NLC. In order to provide exceptional customer service, we can order textbooks from the other campuses and have them delivered to NLC for your one stop shopping needs. Simply ask a sales associate for details.


While there is no guarantee that your textbooks will be bought back at the end of each semester, we try our hardest to make sure they are. We may buyback textbooks that are needed for future semesters or for our national resale list, for up to 50% of the current purchase price. While we buyback textbooks year round, the best time to sell books back is during the last two weeks of each semester.


Final return dates for each semester are printed at the bottom of your original receipt.  The original receipt is required for returns, refunds and exchanges. The textbooks must be in original purchased condition to receive a refund. Please contact us if you have any questions about returns.

Campus Parking Regulations                                                                                                                                                                                         ^Top


All Alamo Colleges District students will pay a Campus Access Fee which also covers parking at any of the Alamo Colleges’ campuses, off-site locations or district offices.  No sticker or decal is distributed. 

For students, the fee of $25 per semester is included when they pay their tuition and fees each semester, with the maximum fee paid not to exceed $50 per year.

Open Parking Hours for Students:

To better serve students during non-peak hours, NLC has established open parking hours.  During the evening and on weekends, NLC has open parking (meaning students can park in employee parking without a decal and not receive a citation).  Open parking hours are:  From 5:15 pm to 10:00 pm on weekdays and all day on weekends.

VIA Bus Passes
Available at the campus business office only. A valid student ID card is required to obtain a bus pass.

Campus Access Fee FAQ’s 

What is the purpose of the access fee?

Revenue generated is dedicated to parking facilities, construction and maintenance, and at board option, excess fees may be designated for student scholarship funds.

When will the access fee go into effect?

The access fee went into effect on the first day of fall registration, May 6, 2013.

How much is the access fee?

The access fee is $25 for each term a student is enrolled in at least one credit class.

How often will students be charged the access fee?

Students will be charged the access fee each term in which they are enrolled in credit classes, regardless of the number of credits, location of the classes or whether the class is on-campus or online (Distance Learning).

Will students be charged the access fee for each summer term session in which they are enrolled?

Students who attend a summer semester only will pay a $25 access fee.

May students’ financial aid be used to pay the access fee?

Yes, financial aid may be used to pay the access fee.

Why is the Alamo Colleges District charging an access fee?

To streamline the process for students, the Alamo Colleges District is including the access fee in the students’ tuition and fees, rather than requiring a separate process and payment.


The Alamo Colleges Police Department Officers are commissioned Peace Officers vested with the power and authority to issue traffic citations and summons and to arrest and file charges in the City or Justice of the Peace Courts. A student found in violation of the Traffic and Parking Rules and Regulations will be issued a citation. Campus citation are $16 paid when paid within ten (10) days of the issue date on the citation. Fines shall be paid at the Business Office or mailed to the address on the citation. If not paid within ten (10) days of the issue date on the citation, the fine increases to $21.

Career Services and Job Placement (STCM 124 & 125)


Career Services assists students with exploring careers, developing career competencies, and setting goals that relate to each student’s unique educational and academic needs.

Career Services include:

  • Career advising to discuss options and develop a career plan.
  • Career assessments to identify student interests and preferences.
  • Career exploration to research careers of interest.
  • Career development to enhance marketable job skills.

Job Placement assists students in developing job readiness.

Job Placement services include:

  • Résumé writing
  • Cover letter development
  • Job search assistance
  • Application completion
  • Mock interviews
  • Career fairs
  • Employer recruitment

The Career and Job Placement Center is located in the Opportunity Mall, on the first floor of the Student Commons Building (STCM 124 & 125).  For additional information, visit the website, email, or call (210) 486-5141.

Communities of Interest


Northeast Lakeview College offers students a variety of educational opportunities within its course offerings and programs that address student interests and educational goals.    These opportunities, known as Communities of Interest are integrated within course offerings and programs and are open to all students, though some may require certain academic prerequisites.  Communities of Interest at Northeast Lakeview College include, but are not limited to the following:

1.       Honors
2.       Service Learning
3.       Learning Communities
4.       Study Abroad
5.       Internship
6.       Topics addressing gender, ethnicity, or age
7.       Current and topical issues
8.       Workforce or field of study focus

The Northeast Lakeview College encourages students to explore these options and opportunities as they pursue their educational goals objectives. 

Computer Labs


Workstations are available on the second floor of the Library (NLIB 237) and in the Student Commons (STCM 204) building on a first-come, first-served basis during open lab hours. Workstations are loaded with standard software with some specialized/special-use software, all workstations have access to the Internet and can use pay for print solutions (GoPrint).  Visit for more information.

Wireless connectivity is available throughout the college for use with personal phones, laptops, and tablets.  Visit for coverage map and connection instructions.

Students are expected to follow all acceptable use guidelines. These guidelines are posted in the student computer labs and on the College web site at C. 1.9.1 Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources.



Location:  STCM 210

Crisis counseling is available to assist students at no cost to students. Brief, solution focused counseling is also available to students on campus as well as referrals to off campus resources are facilitated through the Counseling office.

Students needing information on community resources such as childcare, legal assistance, financial assistance for college, medical care, dental care, and assistance for military families can access our Resource Guide online here or STCM 222H.  All resources are free or low-cost and are available in Bexar and surrounding counties.

For assistance, contact our office at 210-486-5487 or at the website for more information. Appointments can be made to accommodate students who cannot come in during regular business hours.

Disability Support Services


Location:  STCM 210

Disability Support Services (DSS) is committed to facilitating equal access and learning opportunities for students with disabilities.  Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Amendments Act (ADAAA) of 2008, a person has a disability if he or she has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.  DSS authorizes reasonable and appropriate academic accommodations suited to each individual student.

The process for receiving academic accommodations are:

-Complete a Request for Disability Support Services Form available online at the website or in our office at STCM 210.

-Be approved for services by the Disability Office.  This requires scheduling an appointment to review documentation once the student is registered for college.

For assistance, you may contact Faye Acocks Hallford, LCSW, Personal Counselor, at 210-486-5487 or

Note:  Arrangements can be made to accommodate students who cannot come in during regular business hours.

Distance Learning/Instructional Innovation Center (DL/IIC)


Northeast Lakeview College Distance Learning Department


NLIB 123

Instructional Innovation Center (IIC)

Many NLC courses provides students the opportunity to use technology enhanced learning strategies for communicating, problem solving, and acquiring information.  Through CANVAS, NLC’s learning management system (LMS), students access class content and e-mail, participate in and create blogs, take online quizzes, submit assignments, and check grades. Instructional Innovation Center staff assist faculty with developing well-designed technology enriched courses and assignments to ensure an online environment that is engaging, easy to navigate, and learning driven.   While the IIC is not a direct support space for students, on occasion students are invited to IIC programs to expose them to new technology being rolled out and to get their input on equipment ease of use.

The IIC is located on the first floor of the Library (NLIB 123).  If you are enrolled in an online or hybrid course, and need support with CANVAS contact us call 210-486-5372 or email

Students who need other technical assistance, including help with software or accessing ACES, can contact NLC IT at 

Online Courses

An online course is a course that meets online the majority or all of the time. Internet courses offer the convenience and flexibility of participating in a course without a formal schedule or location.  However, an online course might still require coming to campus to take tests, for presentations, or for course orientations.

Prior to enrolling in online courses, students should make sure they are ready for success.  Online courses require focus and motivation to meet deadlines and participate fully in the course.  Students who are new to online learning are required to complete OLRN 0001 (please see the information regarding OLRN 0001 in this catalog). For a listing of all online courses, visit our website.

Hybrid Courses

A hybrid course is a course that replaces some of the face-to-face classroom sessions with online instruction. Classes do meet on campus for a major portion of time. Students can expect to spend between 50-84% of the class time completing activities outside of class using the Internet and accessing the course shell in CANVAS.

Orientation to Online Learning (OLRN 0001) If this is the first time you have enrolled in an online course at NLC or any of the colleges in the Alamo Colleges District, you are required to register for OLRN 0001 - Orientation to Online Learning prior to the semester start. 

Orientation to Online Learning (OLRN 0001) is a free, non-credit online “mini-course”.  Although it should take students no more than 3 hours, it does not have to completed in one sitting. The purpose of the course is to provide students with information about best practices in navigating the online classroom and strategies for enhancing learning online.  Students will have an opportunity to practice using some of the more common tools used in CANVAS. 


Privacy Policy for Students Enrolled in Distance Learning Courses

NLC complies with all of the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). We are committed to protecting the privacy of a student’s educational record regardless of delivery method. The Registrar is the point of contact for all FERPA related issues, and all employees are informed and trained of their responsibilities of unauthorized release of confidential records or information. Because an online environment creates a record of student activity, it is subject to FERPA privacy rights, unlike verbal exchanges in a physical classroom.


BioSig-ID, the identity verification process for online courses, protects student’s privacy through the use of a secure portal, with a secure login and student-selected password. In addition, Northeast Lakeview College uses an enabling technology that is used to verify the identity of online students. For more information on BioSig-ID, please contact your online course instructor. NLC does not require any additional fees or charges for verification of student identity at this time.


Faculty and staff understand and carry out a commitment to confidentiality, integrity, and security to protect the privacy of students who participate in distance learning activities. Students’ records are kept private by the instructor, except in cases where academic staff or administration access the course, with legitimate educational interest under FERPA guidelines.

In order to maintain course security and protect student privacy, faculty do not access or attempt to access another employee’s or student’s account without authorization as described in the Appropriate Use of Information Technology District Policy C.1.9.


In order to maintain confidentiality, portal login passwords are generated by the student and any password reset is completed through “secret question” protocol. It is the students’ responsibility to keep their password confidential as stated in Student Code of Conduct District Procedure F.4.2.1 and Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources District Policy C.1.9. Only work submitted to open forums, like discussion boards, can be accessed by other students; other assignments, grades and correspondence are not viewable by other students.

Early Alert and Intervention


Early Alert is designed to promote student success and retention by serving as a resource tool to identify students experiencing academic difficulties.  As the first level intervention, faculty encourages students to meet with the instructor to discuss and address the academic concerns.  Interventions may include tutoring, advising, study strategies, and referrals to advisors or college and community services and resources.

Featured Classes


Public Speaking

Community of Interest: Male Issues

SPCH1315 Public Speaking

Taught by Dr. Archie Wortham, the course will cover the same material as other sections of Public Speaking but will take opportunities to focus discussion and speeches on male images, both perceived and real.  Class will involve watching two movies about male issues,  journaling of topics chosen by the students and researching these topics for open discussion.  *This class is open to all students, but will have special content focused on male issues*  Please contact Dr. Wortham with any questions:

Financial Aid


Financial Aid

Apply for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at

School code: 042636

Student Financial Aid Department

Student Commons Building, (STCM) 102

210-486-5266 / 21-Alamo

FAX: 210-486-9170





The Honors Academy at NLC will begin fall 2019 for incoming students. For more information on application and program requirements, please contact the Dean for Academic Success at 210-486-5838 or Ashleigh Dubois, Certified Advisor at 210-486-5424. For more information about Honors go to the following website

International Education


international Education at Northeast Lakeview College exposes students to study abroad opportunities offered by the Alamo Colleges District.  Students can study abroad and earn college credit in an international academic environment through faculty-led trips, exchange programs, or affiliate/non-Alamo College programs.  Students who are currently enrolled in any of the Alamo Colleges District may participate in a study abroad program.  Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 in addition to meeting academic requirements and prerequisites of the specific course(s) in the program.  Students must also complete at least 12 credit hours by the intended departure date of the program.  For more information about International Education opportunities, email

International Student Services


The Student Services Office is the first point of contact for a prospective international student who seeks information regarding admission procedures for the College.

International students must enroll full-time (12 semester hours or more) and pay hospitalization insurance (Alamo Colleges Board Policy) every semester. The deadlines to submit all required documents (application, transcripts, verification of financial resources, TOEFL) are June 1 for Fall, October 1st for Spring, and March 1 for Summer. For additional information, contact the Student Services Office at 210-486-5401, option 3.

Learning Communities


Learning Communities at Northeast Lakeview College promote student success by improving the quality of learning and education through the offering of two paired courses that are related to each other.  Students in Learning Communities enroll in two courses at the same time, and the same students are in each course.  Paired classes include shared assignments or curriculum, collaboration between teaching faculty, meaningful interaction between faculty and students, and access to academic support services.  Students enrolled in Learning Communities classes have a unique opportunity to spend time with the same group of peers and develop meaningful academic relationships that enable a better understanding of the course materials.  Through Learning Communities, both faculty and students have a chance to learn from, and teach, each other.  To learn more about Learning Communities currently being offered at NLC, email or visit ACA1 205D.

Accelerated Learning 

Accelerated learning for developmental education (DE) Math courses are designed to decrease the amount of time students spend in their DE program.  These “linked” Accelerated Learning classes for DE are Flex I and Flex II courses that run in two 8 week sessions.  Students who sign up for Flex I must also enroll in Flex II.  This option gives students the opportunity to move through two levels of DE instruction in one semester.  Contact the Math Department at (210) 486-5779 or consult the schedule of classes for more details.

Library (NLIB)


The Northeast Lakeview College Library is a technology embracing facility that enables users to pursue research goals and lifelong learning.  Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to take advantage of the services and resources offered.  The NLC Library has its own collection of resources identified in the Alamo Colleges Online Library Catalog.  In addition to more than 21,500 books owned by the NLC Library,  this system can also be used to access materials from the other Alamo Colleges libraries  NLC students may also participate in theTexShare Borrower’s Card program which allows them to directly borrow materials from participating TexShare libraries (both academic and public) outside of the district. If a desired resource is not available in Texas, students can borrow resources from other colleges throughout the country using the interlibrary loan process.. All of this is possible with a valid I.D.

In addition to the incredible collection of physical resources available from the Alamo Libraries, the NLC Library provides access to over 725,000 e-books and over 1 million unique online, full-text periodical articles, journal articles, documents, and media through over 170 licensed databases. 

Reference librarians assist students and other library users with research and citation questions in person, by phone, through our Ask-a-Librarian e-mail, and by chat/text.     Assistance and resources are also available to faculty and students in distance learning environments as well.  Students receive information literacy instruction tailored to a specific assignment or to a specific course outcome in face-to-face and online classes.  Librarians collaborate with classroom faculty to develop appropriate instruction.

Over 71 workstations provide library users with access to Internet resources, licensed resources, and Microsoft office products.  Students can also print and scan materials in the library.   Students working on group projects may take advantage of the Library’s collaborative group study rooms, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The library’s MediaScape equipment encourages collaborative learning using new, advanced technology.  Our students are able to check out library-use-only laptops, which come in handy with group projects or independent assignments.

The NLC Library staff hopes that you will make our facility and services a regular part of your college experience. During Fall and Spring semesters, the library is open Monday - Thursday 7:30 am - 9:00 pm; Friday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm; and Saturday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. During the Summer semester, the Library is open Monday - Thursday 7:30 am - 7:30 pm. Our virtual library is available 24/7 every day.

We are located on the first and second floors of the NLIB building (look for the clock tower).  It is our goal to ensure students are comfortable using the library and its services and to develop information literacy skills as part of their path to being a life-long learner.

Please contact the library staff at 210.486.5387 with questions.

Public Safety and Police Services (Facilities 200)

  • The Alamo Colleges Police Department (ACPD) has emergency phones located throughout the campus for immediate assistance.
  • Assistance is available for locked keys and dead batteries. Contact the Police Dispatch at 210-485-0099 for assistance.
  • Police escort service is also available for anyone needing an escort to his or her vehicle. Contact the Police Dispatch at 210-485-0099.
  • Lost and Found.


Police protection is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The primary objective of the Alamo Colleges Police Department is to provide a safe environment for employees, students, and the community. Police duties include the following:

  • Patrol functions (vehicle, foot, and bike);
  • Identify suspicious activities and persons;
  • Conduct field interviews;
  • Conduct field investigations;
  • Respond to call(s) for service;
  • Provide escorts;
  • Non-emergency requests;
  • Traffic enforcement;
  • Traffic accident investigations;
  • Respond to alarms;
  • Community relations;
  • Crime prevention activity;
  • Disturbance calls;
  • Record the above (written reports).

Calls are assigned to the Police officers on a priority basis. Criminal calls have priority over service calls or non-emergency requests.




The Office of Outreach and Recruitment provides outreach programs to K-12 and enrollment services to high school seniors across the San Antonio community. Our College Connection team works closely with schools citywide to help high school seniors transition into higher education. Our Enrollment Coach team provides one-on-one advising in Apply Texas, TSI placement, and completion of the enrollment process. The Office is also responsible for New Student Orientation, Adopt-A-School, and Campus Tours. For more information please call 210-486-5193.

Scholarship Office


Northeast Lakeview College, through the Alamo Colleges Foundation, offers a variety of scholarships for new, continuing and transfer students. Students who show academic interest, financial need, scholastic achievement, or commitment to community service are eligible to apply for scholarships.

A single online application (—aid/paying-for-college/scholarships) allows students to be considered for all Northeast Lakeview College and Alamo Colleges District scholarships. The Northeast Lakeview College scholarship application deadline is usually after Spring Break every year. Check the website above for the current application deadline.

Service Learning


Service Learning at Northeast Lakeview College encourages active learning through citizenship combined with academics.  Service Learning is defined by the National Service Learning Clearing House as a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.  At NLC, Service Learning opportunities are offered in certain class where instructors integrate a Service Learning component into their course curriculum, which may include offering students the chance to participate in a service project in the community that relates to the academic instruction.  These projects are completed at a non-profit, state-funded, or government agency.  Find out more about classes with a Service Learning component by emailing or visiting NLIB 114.

Student Activity Fee Advisory Committee (SAFAC) (STCM 132)


The SAFAC is authorized to make annual and supplemental recommendations to the President of the College regarding the allocation of student services fees. Full membership includes five students and four faculty/staff members for a nine-member voting committee. The SAFAC meets on a monthly basis or as needed throughout the academic year to facilitate allocation requests from student services fees.  For more information, or contact the Student Development, Leadership and Activities Office at 210-486-5153.

Student Life (STCM 132)


The Office of Student Life is responsible for coordinating extra-curricular and co-curricular activities and programs that focus on the well-being and personal development of students. Activities and programs include student clubs and organizations, leadership programs/development, intramural and recreational sports programming. Co-curricular activities are designed to appeal to a variety of interests for students and the surrounding community. These activities include lectures, cultural activities, welcome activities and performance events. Through these activities students can make friends, develop social skills and practice leadership skills. Programs are often coordinated with various instructional departments to provide the student with valuable educational experiences. Student clubs and organizations are an important and vital component of the total educational experience. Student groups provide opportunities for training in leadership skills, personal satisfaction and fulfillment through campus and community volunteerism and development of social growth through involvement in the student organization. For a list of Club and Organizations visit For a list of campus Activities visit For Student Life updates and news visit

Leadership programs/development includes opportunities to become involved in conferences, retreats, and volunteer opportunities to develop skills that enrich the College experience and the student’s quality of life.  The Student Life staff is found on the first of the Student Commons with the main office being located in the student lounge.  The Director of Student Life staff is the campus liaison for the operation of the College food services, vending machines, and bookstore.

Transfer Services


Transfer Services

Transfer services assist students in a successful transfer from Northeast Lakeview College to a four-year college/university. The Colleges of the Alamo Colleges District have established articulation agreements with, more than 20 universities in and around the San Antonio area including online universities, to help facilitate the transfer process.

Transfer Services include:

  • Assistance with transfer planning
  • Information on university admissions, programs of study, degree requirements, and more
  • Contacts with admissions representatives
  • On-campus information table visits
  • Transfer fairs  
  • University campus tours 

Information on Transfer Advising Guides and Transfer Agreements

Transfer articulation agreements provide transfer pathways to guide students on courses taken at the Colleges of the Alamo Colleges District, to earn credits toward degrees at participating four-year colleges/universities. 

University Partners

Transfer Advising Guides by University

Transfer Advising Guides by Pre-Major

Course Equivalencies

Tutoring/Academic Support Center (ASC) (NLIB 214)


The Academic Support Center (ASC) provides free tutoring in math, writing, sciences, accounting, and other subjects to currently enrolled NLC and other Alamo Colleges District students on a walk-in basis. Tutoring is meant to supplement classroom instruction and help students improve their own understanding and skills. Tutors work collaboratively to help students achieve their learning goals. The ASC provides students access to computers, study spaces, and academic resources, including online tutoring support through Brainfuse.  Students have a specific number of online tutoring hours available to them each semester and can access them through their courses in CANVAS.

The ASC is located on the second floor of the library in NLIB 214 & 212. For questions, please contact the ASC staff at 210-486-5615. Hours, tutoring schedules, and more details are available at  Please note the Course Exam Center is no longer affiliated with the ACS.

Veterans Affairs


The Veterans’ Affairs Center assists all eligible veterans to obtain financial assistance and information on Veterans Benefits while they attend Northeast Lakeview College. The college participates in educational programs provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs and Texas Veteran Commission.  Students utilizing Veteran Affairs benefits should contact the Veteran Affairs Office before registration to obtain information regarding enrollment and specific requirements for the institution to process certification of attendance.

New student veterans are required to declare a major and provide official transcripts from every institution attended. Information on required documentation, eligibility and general information can be located on the Veteran’s Affairs webpage

Students using VA benefits must notify the Veterans’ Affairs Center of any adds, drops, course, or program changes.

NOTE:  You must certify enrollment to the Veterans’ Affairs Center each semester/term regarding courses in which you are registered. 

Veteran’s Affairs Center at Northeast Lakeview College is Located in Student Commons (Welcome Center and RM 111).  Contact information: 210-486-5827 or make appointment.

The following students have prioritized registration during the 46+ hours closed registration period:

  • Active Military
  • Active Military Dependents, utilizing My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA)
  • Veterans
  • Veteran Dependents, utilizing military-related Federal or State benefits for education

Priority Registration was designed to offer eligible student veterans, active military, or dependents of each the opportunity to register for their program’s curriculum before most of the general student population. Student veterans can register on the first day of registration for each Fall, Spring, and Summer semester of any academic school year, during their matriculation. This standing applies to student veterans, active military and qualifying dependents who hold a veteran or military status in our student information system.

A student qualifying for priority registration will be able to register for classes and have some of the first-choice selections to all courses offered, to ensure that they stay on track and graduate on time and give additional time to submit Certification Requests.

Student veterans and active military eligible for the Priority Registration Grouping must self-identify at their home college Veterans Affairs or Military Office regardless if they are utilizing military-related Federal or State benefits for education. A student must register and provide supporting documentation identifying veteran or military status to the Veterans Affairs or Military Office at the college. In doing so, the staff will include you in the student veteran and military database so that you can receive crucial military-related information and services provided by the Veterans Engagement area.

Qualifying dependents will become eligible after being certified for military-related educational benefits. Eligible student dependents are those utilizing funding under the Department of Veterans Affairs Educational Benefits, Texas Veterans Commission, or My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA).

Once registered, priority registration carries over from semester to semester for student veterans and active military. A dependent of a veteran or active duty must validate their enrollment each semester by qualifying and utilizing a military-related educational benefit.

A student veteran, active military, or eligible dependent that is not registered in the student database that determines priority registration must register with the Veterans Affairs or Military Office seven calendar days before priority registration begins to be eligible.

Priority registration standing does not eliminate any student from following the protocol of the college academic advising program. Students deemed eligible for Priority Registration MUST still report to their academic advisors, if necessary, for schedule assistance and PIN access prior to registering or being considered for priority registration status. A registration hold will also prevent priority registration. For assistance with resolving a hold, visit your advisor or enrollment services at your home college

Welcome/Call Center


Welcome Center

The Welcome Center is a comprehensive One-Stop service center designed to assist students in the navigation of enrollment services at Northeast Lakeview College.  The One-Stop shop serves as a primary center to help students identify and understand the necessary steps for enrollment, advising, assessment and registration.  The Center is staffed by personnel from admissions, advising, career and transfer services, and provides the following:

  • The official landing and welcome booth for all visitors to the Student Commons Building
  • Welcome and in-take services for all students
  • Document in-take for admissions and enrollment
  • Services to route students to the appropriate office

The Welcome Center serves as the “front door” of NLC, and promotes student success by directing students to student support services available to them on campus.

The Welcome Center is located on the first floor of Student Commons (Building 300).


Call Center

The Call Center is the information center for Northeast Lakeview College and serves as a point of contact for students, parents, staff, faculty, and the community.  The Call Center provides timely and accurate information on educational support services offered at Northeast Lakeview College as well as student questions regarding enrollment status. The Call Center responds to a variety of inquiries on:

  • Getting started at Northeast Lakeview College
  • Registering for courses
  • Paying for college
  • Degrees and courses offered
  • College events
  • Enrollment status
  • and more

Call Center hours of operation are: Monday -Friday: (8:00am-5:00pm.)

Local 21ALAMO (210-212-5266) or Toll Free 1-844-20ALAMO (1-844-202-5266).