Extreme Fitness I   [Archived Catalog]
Northeast Lakeview College Schedule/Catalog 2017-2018

KINE 1116 - Extreme Fitness I

This course is designed to improve performance-based skills such as power, agility, speed, balance, reaction times and coordination as it relates to sport and exercise. It will include extreme resistance training such as Olympic lifting, explosive training, and functional fitness-style activities. The high endurance component of the course will include indoor cycling, long-distance running and appropriate aquatic activities. In addition, the latest in fitness training methods will be employed to include battle rope training, kettle bell exercises, tire-flipping and obstacle course training. This course will serve as useful preparatory training for extracurricular events such as adventure racing and triathlon participation. Students must be in good physical condition to enroll in this class.

Semester Hours: (1-0-3)

CIP: 36.0108.51 23

Offered at:
NLC: Yes
SAC: Yes

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